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Nicholls State University

2018 AEA Lab: (L-R) Rissa Inselman, Dr. Chris Bonvillain, Alexa Ballinger, and Gabby Sisson.

Research in the Aquatic Ecology and Astacology Lab at Nicholls State University focuses on the ecology and biology of Louisiana crayfishes and aquatic systems.  Research efforts assess ecological functions of aquatic habitats, the effects of physical and chemical habitat characteristics on aquatic biota, physical and physiological responses of aquatic biota to environmental hypoxia, changes in physicochemistry and biotic communities due to natural and anthropogenic influences, and distribution, life history characteristics, and diversity of crayfishes throughout the state.

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Procambarus zonangulus
Amia calva
Faxonius palmeri
Procambarus clarkii
Atchafalaya River Basin





Nicholls Biology
Dr. Chris Bonvillain

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